Reading binge

I may be starting a science fiction kick. Yesterday, unable to get into my selected book (Perks of Being A Wallflower – which, I think you needed to be a teenager when reading in order to appreciate it… this one just doesn’t translate well to post-adolescence… we’ll see if I finish it…), I read through the editorial section of the new Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Last summer, I purchased a subscription to Asimov’s for my Kindle. Since then I’ve only read the entire magazine a handful of times. I find that my favorite part is the editorial section. It seems to be where I get my best recommendations for science fiction books I should read, along with a healthy dose of what I like to think of as the “history of science fiction” from Robert Silverberg (sometimes resembles “old guy rants at chair,” but usually more like a happy, loving reminiscing… expect almost all columns to include a bit about the awesomeness of anthologies…).

In the issue that was just auto-magically delivered to my Kindle (March 2013), the “On Books” guy (Paul Di Filippo) wrote a review for a book called Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds (the website still has the February issue as current issue, so I guess you’ll either have to get a subscription, or wait to read this review, if you’re even interested…). The story sounded like something I would enjoy, so, even though I have a stack of unread, to-read books, already purchased and waiting for me to read on my Kindle, I zipped over to Amazon, confirmed there was a Kindle edition, and hit the “Buy now… deliver to Kindle…” button (I ❤ Amazon…). Sometimes you are just in the mood for a certain type of story and you just can’t force yourself to be happy reading what you have available. It doesn’t hurt if you have a nice, fat Amazon gift card available to fund your e-book habit (thanks, Mom!) (I ❤ Mom….).

So, now I have two books started at the same time. As much as I am enjoying Blue Remembered Earth, I am still muddling through Perks of Being a Wallflower (there’s a movie… with Emma Watson… I must watch it… I must read the book first… sigh… silly rules I hold myself to…). If I could start a third book at the same time, I would start In Other Worlds… by Margaret Atwood, which is sort-of more editorial about the science fiction genre. I’ve never read anything by Margaret Atwood (I know… this is terrible and I should fix this immediately…), so if I could start a fourth book, I would start Alias Grace because it is by Margaret Atwood and was recommended by Erin Morgenstern (author of The Night Circus) in a post listing some of her favorite books.

You see, this is how I end up with a pile of unread, to-read books that I never get around to reading…