Swim Workouts: week of 2013-09-30

Last week was my last full week of “training” workouts (12 weeks total!). This week I’m only planning on two “training” workouts, and then I’m going to start my (much anticipated) taper. Yay!

I’m only going to plan two workouts for this week. I’m going to try to fit in at least two more days (for four total), but I don’t know yet when or how long I’ll swim. At the least, I’ll do my full warm up and full cool down (1350 yards). I’ll probably try to get in at least another 1000 yards (for around 2500 yards total). For the main set I’ll probably do some race pace intervals (like 4 x 50 at race pace for a 200), and then swim easy for 200 yards and repeat with various strokes / paces.

(See my Swimming page for tips and links to more workouts.)

Here’s my usual warm-up:
400 swim (free)
4 x 100 individual medley (fly / back / breast / free) on 2:00 swim interval (SI)
4 x 50 free descending (each one faster than the previous) on 1:00 SI

And here’s my current cool-down:
200 kick (br) with kickboard
50 – 100 kick fly on back
50 easy (bk)
50 elementary backstroke

Here are the workouts I picked for this week…..

Monday (middle distance):
warm-up (1000 yrds)

2 x 600 as 2x: 200 fr / 100 br with :40 RI
4 x 150 as 50 easy / 50 fast / 50 mod with :20 RI
4 x 100 fast on 1:40 SI

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3550 yrds

Tuesday (stroke):
warm-up (1000 yrds)

10 x 100 as odds free, evens breast on 1:45 SI
500 fr (mod)
10 x 50 as odds free, evens breast on 1:00 SI

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3350 yrds

Wednesday (off)

Thursday (taper):
warm-up (1000 yrds)

main set (~1200 yrds)

cool down (350 yards)

Total = 2550 yrds

Friday (off)

Saturday (taper):

warm-up (1000 yrds)

main set (~1200 yrds)

cool down (350 yards)

Total = 2550 yrds

Sunday (off… and set up next week’s workouts…)

Happy swimming!