Book to movie: Insurgent

Oh crap. I just watched the trailer for Insurgent. I stopped reading that series after Divergent, because I thought Divergent was just “meh.” But, that trailer makes Insurgent looks awesome. Is the book really that good? Do I now have to go read Insurgent before I see the movie? Or do we expect the movies to be better than the book and (just this one time) I can skip the book and just see the movie? Like I need more books on my TBR pile. Crap.

In related news: I also love that she’s rocking a pixie cut in this movie! We need more pixie cuts in sci-fi movies. Your practical female bad-ass is not going to be taking time out to wash and blow-dry her luscious long locks. Let’s get real.

2 thoughts on “Book to movie: Insurgent

    1. good to know. I read some reviews last night and was surprised that most people seemed to be saying that Insurgent wasn’t as good as Divergent. So, I think I’ll hold off on reading any more of these for now.


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