Reading: inbox-outbox for 3 Jan

Not much to report this week… it was a slow week for books around here…

Inbox (books acquired)

  • Amazingly, I aquired no books this week! None. Zero. Zip. Not even a library book. Or a gift. That’s fine by me… as I mentioned, I’ve got plenty to read in my TBR pile

Outbox (books finished)

  • I made some progress on Bad Feminist, but didn’t finish it (yet). I am enjoying it, and it’s definitely giving me plenty of food for thought. So far the “How to be Friends With Another Woman” article is my favorite (online here).

Queue (what I’m reading next)

  • Bad Feminist… (see above)
  • I need to get back into The Bone Clocks because my work book club meets on Friday and I’m not done yet…

Okay… enough blogging for tonight. I need to get back to reading. 😉