Top Five List: books I most want to buy right now

It’s #FridayReads / #WeekendReads time, and I’ve managed to go the whole week without purchasing or borrowing any new books. I’m in the middle of two books that are not holding my attention very well. And there’s nothing available on ebook right now from either of my local libraries that I really want to read.

So… I started looking longingly at my wish list and decided to make a list of the top five books that I most want to purchase right now. And here it is… the top five books, in order of preference, that I would buy right now if I could bring myself to pay full price for a new book when I have a ton of stuff I haven’t read yet that I already own:

  1. Uprooted by Naomi Novi — this one just came out in May and I have heard so many good things that I’m tempted to drop everything and pay the $9.99 just to read it right now.
  2. Vicious by V. E. Schwab — why does my library have Darker Shade of Magic (the sequel) on ebook, but not Vicious? What crazy nonsense is that? I’ve had this on my list since December 2013, and it’s only recently (finally) dropped in price to $9.99
  3. Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds — this is a novella, and I can’t understand why Amazon is charging $8.69 for a < 200 page book on Kindle
  4. The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins — this just came out on Tuesday and they want $12.99. For an ebook. Seriously?
  5. The Book Riot “Surprise Beach Reads” box — this one is the major splurge… but the last thing I need is a box of four mystery books (in print, no less), and a bunch of bookish swag for $100… or is it?


Note: This list is limited to only books that are available to buy right now. No pre-order books allowed. And no books that I could otherwise borrow from the library on ebook.