Reading inbox-outbox: Week of 10 August

Short post this week… I’ve been busy with work and writing. So, there hasn’t been much reading going on.

Inbox (books acquired)

  • The Diviners by Libba Bray (Kindle) — I picked this up because I saw someone I follow tweet about how they liked this book and it was on sale for $2.99. I’ve heard good things about this author, and I own one of her other books, but I hadn’t read anything by her yet… The premise sounded interesting (1920s New York City). So I decided to buy it based on a recommendation, a reputation, a premise, and a price point.

Outbox (books finished)

  • none…

Queue (what I’m reading next)

  • I started A Great and Terrible Beauty (also by Libba Bray) on Friday. So far, I’m enjoying it. The voice of the main character (yes, it’s first person POV) is unique, and the book starts off in India and quickly moves to an all-girls boarding school in Victorian London. So, even though I’ve professed to be “over” first person POV, this one is still working for me because it’s hitting several of my “genre kryptonite” points.
  • I ended up sending Mistborn back to the library un-read. Well, I read the first chapter. But don’t fret. It’s not that I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t get into it right now. I read enough to know that I’ll probably be hooked once I can sit down and focus on this sort of thing.

I think I might be slowing down the reading pace over the next few weeks (and maybe months?). We’re entering hard-core writing season (for me). For some reason, I always am more motivated to write in the fall/winter months. Maybe that’s because fall means it’s almost NaNoWriMo time, and that’s my second favorite month of the year.

I’ll also be busy with the swimming, even though there aren’t a lot of meets in the fall. I’m stepping up my training to build up my base for the short-course yards season that starts in January.

There will be reading, but I may decide to make this inbox/outbox post more of a monthly thing instead of a weekly one. But, never fear, I’ll supplement with other fun blog posts as the mood strikes me.


(Reminder: the format for my weekly inbox/outbox posts was adopted from Book Riot’s weekly column of the same name…)