#ABookishHoliday Day 18: Bookish Gift



Day eighteen of #ABookishHoliday and it’s time for some “bookish gifts.” I think trade editions of comics make great bookish gifts. The ones pictured above are gifts I’ve received so far this year.

Comics are fun gifts for readers because they are shorter than books, they’re usually more colorful, and they are a nice change of pace for a serious reader. They also make great gifts for reluctant readers (especially young ones), and early readers (who are just figuring out that whole “words” thing). And these days, there are comics to fit any and all reading tastes. It’s not just superheros.

As for the ones above, Ms. Marvel is great for anyone who may be enjoying that new Supergirl show on TV, and age appropriate for younger readers. The two volumes of X-Force might be a good choice for someone who is really excited about the new X-Men Apocalypse movie coming out next May.