Recommendations needed for what to read from books on my ebook TBR

One of my reading goals for 2017 was to stop buying more books (especially ebooks on sale) and put a dent in the backlist of books already on my Kindle.

So far, I’m doing pretty well with the book buying ban. Of the 16 ebooks I’ve purchased this year, only 5 are unread. One is a new release that I’ll probably read in June. The other four I bought on sale, but will almost definitely read this year.

But, because I’ve been reading (and buying) a lot of new releases, I haven’t put much of a dent in my backlist of ebooks.Β I’ve been pulling from my backlist wherever possible to meet my 2017 Read Harder Challenge tasks. A few of the books below are ones I plan to read for to-be-completed tasks, but there are still almost 100 fiction books on my Kindle TBR.

So, I’m putting the question to you, dear readers. What do you see below that is jumping out at you? What’s on here that, knowing what you know about me from my blog (or IRL), you can’t believe I haven’t read yet and absolutely need to read next? What am I going to love?

Comment below (or respond on Twitter) and tell me your thoughts on what I should read next and/or what I should put onto my upcoming vacation TBR. Alternatively… tell me which ones I can skip without feeling bad. πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Recommendations needed for what to read from books on my ebook TBR

  1. You’re killing me. So many of these are my want-to-reads, too, and so many others are favorites! How to decide!?!

    Okay, so my first answer is easy: Ancillary Justice is INCREDIBLE. It’s a bit complicated, especially the first third or so when you’re figuring out how the different timelines relate to each other, but it is absolutely brilliant and one of the best books I’ve ever read and I vote that, definitely.

    Others that I loved: Gena/Finn, Sabriel, The Secret History, The Just City. Each of these is a very specific kind of book, though, and might or might not be up your alley. Gena/Finn hit me in the feels regarding internet friendships and fandom. Sabriel is high fantasy of the traditional sort, in a way that i loved. The Secret History is creepy as hell and all the characters are awful, but you cannot stop the gothic. The Just City is about philosophy and theory–it’s a novel of characters and ideas, rather than plot. I loved all of these books, though.

    I DISrecommend Fourth of July Creek because the women are treated so poorly in that book. Like, almost every character is deeply flawed, but the women are all flawed in gross and horrifying ways and judged for it, while the men are mostly portrayed as doing the best they can in spite of their “humanity.” That’s what my book club thought; if you can get past that it’s a good story, but I could not get anywhere near past that.

    ps. I have read 14 of these books total, but another 21 of them are also on my Kindle–more, if you count the ones where I have the first one in the series on mine, not the one you list.
    pps. when I do this reading-books-I-already-own project, I call it a Personal Library Renaissance. Enjoy yours!

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    1. Yes! I love it! I knew I could count on you for your advice. πŸ™‚ All the ones you mention are at the top of my list, esp. Ancillary Justice because I know you and L. both highly recommend that one. I’m only a little hesitant about starting that because I know once I start I’ll want to finish the series and I don’t own those and there is probably a wait list at the library.

      If you could pick one (or two?) for me to read before the Adirondacks (either that you’ve already read or that are also on your list) so we can discuss on the dock over drinks, which would it be?


  2. Gena/Finn
    The Just City
    His Majesty’s Dragon

    …are the three that jump out at me…

    I did not like Wolf Hall. And I haven’t been able to get into Ninefox Gambit, although I do have it on my kindle.

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