What I want from #WonderWoman

Since I can’t go see Wonder Woman until tomorrow, and I’m trying to stay off Twitter to stay spoiler-free, I thought I’d do a post here to jot down some things I’m hoping to see in this movie.

First, let me mention, I don’t really know anything about Wonder Woman as a character, or her backstory, etc. I was too young to watch the Wonder Woman TV show, but old enough to know one existed. I never really got into any of the DC comics. I’ve skipped most of the Batman and Superman and Spiderman sequels, but I love the Avengers, and I was reading X-Men comics before they were making X-Men movies. 

That said, I’m REALLY excited for this movie.

Overall, I really like super hero movies and watch almost all of them, eventually. However, I will say I’ve been suffering a little from super hero overload ever since Marvel and DC started trying to one-up each other with their movie franchises.

Still, I’m REALLY excited to see this movie.

In general, I’ll also say that I tend to prefer my super heroes either relentlessly optimistic (ex: Super Girl, Captain America) or fairly angsty and not exactly thrilled to be doing the whole super hero thing (ex: Deadpool, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones). I have no idea what to expect with WW, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting chills every time I watch the trailer.

Did I mention that I’m REALLY excited to see this movie? 😜

In a perfect world, this movie would be perfect. I know it won’t be perfect, but here are a few things I’m really hoping for (in no particular order):

  • Chris Pine as “damsel in distress” — I’ll admit, Chris Pine is my favorite Hollywood Chris. But, I really hope that his role in this movie is basically like Natalie Portman’s in Thor. Or even Chris H. when he was in Ghostbusters. Eye candy. Love interest (maybe, though not required). Regular dude. No saving the world. (But it’s okay if he helps a little.)
  • Diverse casting — We already know that our hero and heroine are white. I’m really hoping that this film isn’t completely whitewashed. I’ll be especially salty if all the ladies where WW comes from (already forgot the name of that place) are white.
  • WW is unique but not special — Please don’t give us a female super hero that’s “not like all the other girls.” I’m so over that trope.
  • Passes the Bechdel Test — This should be an easy one, but you never know. Since it’s a low bar, I’m going to add to the “two women talking about something other than a dude” requirement and say “also something other than battle/fight tactics.” Female friends. It’s not a tough concept. Model it on screen in a healthy way, that’s all I’m saying.
  • Be something I can take my nieces and nephew to see — I know. It’s an adult movie and they’re still in elementary school or younger. But, I really want this to be something I can share with them. They need female super heroes. Preferably more than one at a time / one per movie. But, baby steps.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly — I mean, it is Pride month. Could this be the first blockbuster super hero movie with cannon queer characters (Bucky and Cap fanfic aside)? That would be nice.
  • That this is not the last female-led super hero film (or action film, for that matter).

    If you’re already seen the movie, I have two things to say to you. 1) Lucky! And 2) don’t spoil it for me (or anyone).

    If you haven’t seen the movie yet, comment and let me know what you’re hoping to see on the screen! 

    Wishing everyone a very excellent WW Day!