Swearing off reading challenges for 2018

I know. I say this every year. But this time I really mean it. I am not participating in any reading challenges in 2018. Not even Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge. Sure, I looked it up. And, yeah, I read through the tasks. But, I’m not going to write them down. I’m resisting the urge.

It’s not that I have anything against reading challenges. I really like them. Reading challenges have helped to introduce me to new books in genres I don’t usually gravitate toward. I’ve found new authors I like. They’ve forced me to finally get around to reading books I’ve always meant to read but haven’t made time for. Reading challenges are great.

But, this year I’m determined to try for one year of guilt-free reading. I will only let myself read exactly what I want, when I want to read it, and I refuse to let myself feel bad because I *should* be reading something else. I’m going to let my curiosity drive my reading list this year and see where it takes me.

I’m still planning to keep track of my reading. I’m still setting my usual target of reading 50 books in 2018. But that’s it. No “guilt list” of books I paid full price for but haven’t read yet. No “backlist bust” where I try to eat through the hundred odd ebooks I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet. And definitely no reading challenges.

So, if you’re doing any reading challenges this year, let me know so I can follow your blog or progress on Goodreads or whatever. Just because I’m not participating doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a few reading challenges vicariously through others, right? Plus, I’m a pretty good cheerleader and not bad at recommending books if you need suggestions. πŸ™‚