Winter Magical Readathon!

It’s the first day of December and time to start Book Roast’s Winter Magical Readathon! I’m so excited! I just read “Chapter One” and got my reading prompt. I was going to share it here, but I don’t want to spoil the story if you haven’t started it, yet.

While I won’t say which path I chose through Chapter One, I will say that my prompt was to read a book on my TBR that’s over 500 pages! Yikes! What a way to start a readathon!

Luckily, I was just about to start reading The Starless Sea which is 498 pages long in hardcover. That’s close enough, right?

Are you participating in this year’s Winter Magical Readathon? Let me know in the comments, and tell me which prompt you got!

3 thoughts on “Winter Magical Readathon!

  1. This is also the book I’m reading for the first prompt! What a coincidence, although mine is to read the last book I bought πŸ˜… hope you like it!

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  2. I’m also participating! Same prompt haha! Luckily I was already planning on listenign to Dance of thieves coming week, which is 505 pages! So you can get two of my pages :p


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