Feels like Monday

It’s time for a mid-morning coffee break.

I don’t have a fancy espresso machine. Instead, I make my Red Bay espresso with my Rok and foam up some oat milk with my new cow-print foamer wand.

I’m off to a bit of a sluggish start today after taking the long weekend off.

I spent a good portion of the weekend reading (more on that when I do my May reading wrap-up post), hanging out with family, and reflecting.

Somewhere in there I had an idea. I had been thinking about getting more active on social media, specifically Instagram. I did some research. I started coming up with a plan.

Then, while I was taking my mid-morning coffee break this morning, I thought, “But I could just do this on my blog.”

If you’ve been following me on here for a while, you already know that I’m a writer, notebook enthusiast, and devourer of books. But did you know that I’m also a trail runner who is closing in on a 200 day running streak? Or did you know that the fifth (and last) book in my contemporary fantasy series is coming out later this month?

Nearly all my blog posts are about my reading journal and what I’m reading. But what if I branched out a little more? What if I also posted about my writing process? Or my deep thoughts while sipping my mid-morning DIY espresso? Would you hate it? Are you only here for the reading stuff?

So, here’s my weird little plan. I’m going to try to post every day in the month of June. Both here, and on Instagram. This one will be a longer, more thoughtful version of whatever it is I post over there. If you like the post(s), I hope you will engage (you know, like or comment, or both), so I get a better idea of what you like to hear about.

What do you think? Terrible idea? Good idea? Got any tips for making a better at-home cappuccino, especially when you’re using oat milk instead of regular milk? (And don’t say buy an espresso machine, because I don’t want one cluttering up my counter space.) Let me know in the comments.