Happy Groundhogs Day!

Groundhogs Day is my Mom’s favorite holiday. Happy Groundhogs Day to the true believers!

Groundhogs Day is also my friend Preston‘s birthday. Happy birthday to Preston!

Here are my #Countdown2Phil tweets from this week (in case you missed them):

You can follow my mom @sisterfrog … she doesn’t really tweet even though she’s probably been on Twitter longer than you have, but I’m proud to say that she just started responding to tweets! Progress…

You can follow the @Twitter chef @Birdfeeder … He’s got some great Vine videos (make sure you turn on the volume when you watch) that were recently featured in an article by Business Insider. Chef Code for beginners: MP = Mouth Party!

Hope you all enjoy your early spring!

One thought on “Happy Groundhogs Day!

  1. This is the BEST post. I had to show it to Chippy, who has a soft spot for stuffed animals and pictures and the both combined. I’m all for spring, but Game of Thrones has to come.


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