Swim Workouts: week of 2013-09-9

I swam five days in a row last week and I extended my workout on Saturday to 4000 yrds because I had extra time and was enjoying the sunshine.

I signed up for the Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships today. In addition to my usual three breaststroke events (50, 100, 200) I’m signed up to swim four events I’ve never competed in before: 100 fly, 200 fly, 200 backstroke, and 800 free. So, I need to start working some of those strokes/distances into my workouts. Fun!

This week is going to be busy. I already know this and it hasn’t even started yet. So, I’m just hoping to be able to hang in there, get some sleep, and get my swims in. I tried to mix things up a bit this week and made up all my workouts. Some of them are going to be kinda crazy, but hopefully a fun change of pace from the usual freestyle intervals. Of course, if you prefer freestyle, you could always do these as 100% free, or with different strokes. (See my Swimming page for tips on how to modify these (or any other) workouts.)

As always, each workout will be preceded by my usual warm-up:
400 swim (free)
4 x 100 individual medley (fly / back / breast / free) on 2:00 swim interval (SI)
4 x 50 free descending (each one faster than the previous) on 1:00 SI

I’ve been messing around a bit with my usual cool-down. This week I’m going to try for the following:
200 kick (br) with kickboard
50 kick fly on back
50 easy (bk)
50 elementary backstroke

Here are the five workouts I picked for this week…..

warm-up (1000 yrds)

200 br with :20 RI
400 alt 50 fly / 50 fr with :20 RI
800 fr with :20 RI
400 alt 50 bk / 50 fr with :20 RI
200 br

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3350 yrds

warm-up (1000 yrds)

1650 fr
2 x 200 br on 3:30 SI

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3400 yrds

warm-up (1000 yrds)

4 x 100 IM order on 1:50 SI
400 fr with :20 RI
4 x 50 IM order on 1:00 SI

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3350 yrds

Thursday (off)

warm-up (1000 yrds)

8 x 75 IM order with :15 RI
5 x 100 fr on 1:45 SI
12 x 75 IM odds fly/bk/br, evens bk/br/fr with :15 RI

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3350 yrds

warm-up (1000 yrds)

20 x 100 odds br, evens fr on 1:45 SI
10 x 50 IM order on 1:00

cool-down (350 yrds)

Total = 3850 yrds

Sunday (off… and set up next week’s workouts…)

Happy swimming!