Starting and finishing

I am finally getting psyched for my second to last UCBx Certificate class. At first I was a bit bummed to be giving up one of my weeknights again after having the whole summer off. I’ve been doing an online class this summer which is more flexible in terms of timing, but maybe more difficult in terms of quantity of work required.

When I left the house this morning, I was annoyed that I wouldn’t get home until late (past my bedtime), and I was anxious about what would be on the syllabus.

Then, on the bus this morning, while reading through my timeline on Twitter and catching up on the things people I follow have been talking about, I stumbled some solid writing advice. And by solid, I mean that it was exactly what I needed to read today.

Based on the advice and encouragement (and general kick in the ass) from this post in particular, I’ve created a spreadsheet to track my writing progress. If I want to finish this draft by the end of December, I need to write 600 words a day, every day, starting today. That is actually really inspiring for me because 600 words is nothing. If I can commit to getting up at 5am to go swim 2 miles in an outdoor pool before the sun comes up each weekday, I can totally commit to finding a tiny bit of time to write just 600 words.

The best part of this plan, is I’m hoping it will actually help me with my homework for class… after all, the class is called “Developing the Novel.” Now I can’t wait to get started. Right. Now. (I mean, I still have an hour before it’s tomorrow, right? I can squeeze in 600 words and still get up at 5am to swim, right?)