#ABookishHoliday Day 19: Red & Green


On the nineteenth day of #ABookishHoliday the theme is “red & green.” So, I thought I’d share one of my favorite books released this year, which also happens to have a red and green cover. If you like epic fantasy, you should definitely check out this book. It has some excellent world-building and well-crafted characters. I’m hoping it’s the first in a series and the story will continue.

#ABookishHoliday Day 18: Bookish Gift



Day eighteen of #ABookishHoliday and it’s time for some “bookish gifts.” I think trade editions of comics make great bookish gifts. The ones pictured above are gifts I’ve received so far this year.

Comics are fun gifts for readers because they are shorter than books, they’re usually more colorful, and they are a nice change of pace for a serious reader. They also make great gifts for reluctant readers (especially young ones), and early readers (who are just figuring out that whole “words” thing). And these days, there are comics to fit any and all reading tastes. It’s not just superheros.

As for the ones above, Ms. Marvel is great for anyone who may be enjoying that new Supergirl show on TV, and age appropriate for younger readers. The two volumes of X-Force might be a good choice for someone who is really excited about the new X-Men Apocalypse movie coming out next May.

#ABookishHoliday Day 17: Book & Ornament


It’s day seventeen of #ABookoshHoliday and the theme is “book and ornament.” As I was leaving work today, and admiring our slightly off-beat holiday decorations in the lobby, I decided to take today’s photo of my book (still Illuminae) next to the festive tree ornamented with stuffed snow leopards. Not your traditional ornaments, or even a traditional tree, but I think it’s fantastic. (In case you’re curious, there are more snow leopards hanging out higher up in the “tree” — that’s one’s “paw” dangling down into the top of the frame.)

#ABookishHoliday Day 16: Festive Bookmark


It’s the sixteenth day of #ABookishHoliday and the theme is “festive bookmark.” I’m not really a bookmark person. I mostly read on my Kindle. When I do read paper books, I usually just grab any random scrap of paper, or one of those annoying magazine insert cards to mark my place. But, I do have these two very festive bookmarks that my mom gave me to celebrate her favorite holiday. So, there you go. Festive bookmarks. And a cool page from Illuminae… (really enjoying this book!)

#ABookishHoliday Day 23: Wish List (swapped with Day 15)

Christmas Wishlist 2015

According to #ABookishHoliday, the theme today should be “bookish tree,” but what I really want to post today is my “wish list.” Because why wait until December 23rd to do the “wish list” theme? That’s way too late for that post to be useful to anyone who might be buying me presents… 🙂

So, I’m swapping “Day 15” and “Day 23” on the challenge list. I guess that means you’re going to have to wait for your “bookish tree” post. (Note: This swap may, or may not, also have to do with the fact that I’m completely stumped on what a “bookish tree” is supposed to be… especially since “book and Christmas tree” is separately scheduled for Day 20.)

Here’s a closer look at the books on my wish list:

  • Shadowshaper — This is getting so many great reviews, and I will buy almost anything edited by Cheryl Klein.
  • The Fifth Season — I haven’t read anything by her yet, but I own the Inheritance Trilogy, and have heard great things. I’ve also heard that this one is even better.
  • Tiny Pretty Things — I’m pretty much a sucker for any books featuring bun-heads.
  • The “Imperial Radch” books — I still haven’t gotten around to reading these, and my two best book friends love this series. This usually means I will also love them.
  • The 2nd and 3rd book in the “Raven Cycle” series — Because I read the first one this year, and the fourth (and final) book comes out next year.
  • As If! — Clueless is such a good movie and I’ve heard this behind-the-scenes book is full of excellent info about the cast and the making of the movie.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic — After reading (and loving) Vicious this year, V.E. Schwab has basically become one of my “auto-buy” authors. So, naturally, this is on my list.
  • The Anatomy of Curiosity — This is a collection of stories (not usually my thing), but it also includes commentary on the creative process behind the stories. I really love Maggie Stiefvater’s writing, and I love behind-the-scenes looks at the #WriterLife.
  • Never Never — A Peter Pan re-telling that features Captain Hook as the hero? I’m so there for this.
  • Sorcerer and the Crown — Regency-era magic with a diverse cast of characters, and the reviews are all glowing.
  • Starwars Aftermath — Um… do I really need to explain this? STAR WARS + Chuck Wendig = must be AWESOME
  • Lightless — I heard this has a “Firefly / Serenity” feel to it. Must read.
  • Signal to Noise — Mexican teens make mix tapes in the 80s and it’s magic (actually, I think). Plus it comes highly recommended.
  • Escape From Baghdad! — I heard of this on a Book Riot podcast and it sounded hilarious.
  • Slade House — I loved The Bone Clocks, and this is set in the same world.

If you want more details on these books, check out this shelf I made on Goodreads.

#ABookishHoliday Day 14: Steamy Read



On Day 14 of #ABookishHoliday, the task is to post a photo of a “steamy read.” There are plenty of options to choose from, but I decided to go with this “modern classic.” Don’t be fooled by the lack of a bare-chested, kilt-wearing young man. The cover may be black and white in this photo, but this book is red hot. And, once you’ve read the book, there’s the TV show on Starz! And more books in the series! (Though, I stopped reading after this one. One perfect book about time travel and Highlanders is enough for me.)

#ABookishHoliday Day 13: Book & Candle


On the thirteenth day of #ABookishHoliday, we’re having some blustery, wet weather, perfect for curling up by the fire with a good book. In my case, I’m going to finally get started on Illuminae (pictured here without its dust jacket, because I hate dust jackets and this one is particularly annoying… but the cover, the cover is AWESOME).

#ABookishHoliday Day 12: Stocking Stuffers


It’s the twelfth day of #ABookishHoliday, and the theme of the day is “stocking stuffers.” I don’t think books make very good stocking stuffers, but book-related gear certainly does. Personally, I think any of these would make great stocking stuffers for a book lover: dark chocolate, gift cards, colored markers and pencils for coloring in a new coloring book that might be wrapped up under the tree…